Art Pro Mpa Ii Two Channel Mic Preamp For Sale Online

You are probably better off looking into a different mic first. The ISA stuff was designed and intended to be an improvement on the classic Neve gear. I admit that I seem to be one of a small minority who believes it is, but it is certainly a large step above ART, Sampson, and RNC.

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  • So, I started researching compressors…needless to say, these could be as expensive as $10,000.00 plus.
  • We here at Front End Audio know exactly what it’s like to be working with a budget while making gear purchases.
  • Chief among these are Deicide, Six Feet Under, Obituary, Death and Morbid Angel.

Someone compared this to the Fatso, its not even close. Honestly I find it hard to believe its considered a mastering-quality unit. In the end you simply get what you paid for, in my opinion it may even be a hair overpriced. It is somewhat transparent compression which is something to be desired, but not worth the weight of the other audio cons. After purchasing the MPA GOLD i was amazed how good the sound was i bought a VLA II to match.

Rupert Neve Designs 5035 Shelford Channel Inductor Eq Compressor

This preamp has 40 db of gain per channel and out put of about 10. There is a 20 db of added gain you can access by pressing the button in that would bring it to a total of 70 db , however there is some hissing due to the X tubes. Now depending on your use , as an instrument pre it would not present, but here is where I will tell you how to transform this machine to a very goo vocal/mic preamp. Begin by replacing the X tubes wit T this will rid the machine of hissing and make the sounf more warm, smooth , however you will loose wit the “T” tubes about of db of gain.

Art Pro Mpa Ii Tube Mic Preamp

I now use the cheaper art tube pre and the MPA ii is waiting for E-Bay. My first test was with a capacitor mic and, as expected, the input impedance made very little difference. Only one or two of the tube drive LEDs came on, and this arrangement produced the most transparent, natural‑sounding result. The technical spec looks suitably impressive on paper, with a frequency response extending from 15Hz to 48kHz (+0, ‑1dB) when the valve anode‑voltage is set to normal. An equivalent input noise for the mic input is quoted as ‑129dBu A‑weighted, translating to a dynamic range of better than 110dB, again A‑weighted. Both mic inputs can accommodate signal levels of up to +10dBu before clipping, whereas the maximum instrument level is +17dBu (800kΩ impedance).

It most definitely adds magic to the audio now. The setting I’m using is getting the ‘tube warmth’ input set to never hit the red and only occasionally hit the yellow. I’m testing with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbuckers right now and they sound fantastic. Last thing is don’t go half way because you’ll be disappointed. Use either the Psvane ,Genalex Gold Lions or Northern Electric. This unit has a range from transparent to full tube driven saturation.

Same model names, but I guess Art has been quietly improving them. Want to record acoustic guitar or drum overheads? Along with it’s transformer it’s sort of mimicking a Neve preamp that is set to it’s higher 1200 ohm position. Notice I didn’t say that it’s the same as a Neve as it doesn’t have the same circuitry or two transformers like the Neve does. This is the only booster I see out there that is going for character and warmth rather than super clean/clear.

I have a working recording studio and 40 yrs. I feel like it really wants to work but the darn thing just comes up short. First as others have said the knobs begin to slip over time. The pots begin to crackle excessively after just a few months. But the thing I cannot abide is the VU meter lights flicker then burn out. Imagine the picture you keep seeing of this unit in the add with these warmly lit VU meters and see one of them pale white or not lit in a studio that is lit for mood and invites creativity.